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Rest is not a luxury

Hey Beautiful Soul!

As I sit here in Ohio, tucked in a cabin… I feel more and more at peace with doing nothing. Actually, I’ve been making peace with it for a long time now, and FINALLY it’s a little bit like home to me.

You see… there’s this thing called “toxic productivity,” that tells us to work hard, never stop, and quitting is for losers. Although I’m not a quitter, can’t we quit the things that no longer align with us? Can’t we work less, and earn more? Can’t we stop to smell the flowers🌹, and won’t that actually make the journey more enjoyable?

Truth is…. We’re all learning. We’re all looking for new ways of thinking that feel more free, and truly in tune with who we REALLY are.

For me, that’s rest.

Last year, I proved to myself that I could do LESS, and make more. Which I did. So this year, I’m on that same vibe, but even higher. You see… last year was my true initiation into flow. This year, forced me to flow. To slow down, have fun often, worry less, and be thankful for the things that came with ease.

Which, in itself is deeply healing to the nervous system. If I can get a lil’ nerdy on you… I’ve realized that what I teach; healing, stress reduction, focus, self-love, soul-care… had been about the nervous system, (and the body as a whole) and truly getting it on board with rest.

How can we even begin to believe in flow of the nervous system is hyper-active. I mean… falling in love can make the heart excel- and often times not in the best ways.

So, why am I writing this to you? I’m writing because someone needs to know that doing less is their birthright. Someone needs to know that flow is the ability to stop forcing life. Stop trying so damn hard. Stop thinking it HAS to be hard- it’s doesn’t.

And, I know… the brain and the proof you’ve probably gathered thus far is internally rolling it’s eyes, but what I’ve learned with life is found in this some quote, “Question everything you’ve been told, dismiss what insults your soul.”

In essence, dare to believe whatever TF you want to believe! It’s your life, you make the rules. If there are rules that have governed you, guess what? YOU get to break them! How freeing is that?!

So, if you’ve been contemplating a break, rest, or implementing moments of doing nothing… I now call you to oblige to your souls request of more flow. I hope you’ll listen.

And of course! If you’d like more inspiration, community, monthly energy classes, pop-up healing meditations, and accountability on your healing journey- this is your invite to my Energy Mastery Tribe.

Until later, thanks for reading!

With love & gratitude,

Eb 🌱

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