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Re-engineer your thinking and get OUT of the box you're creating

Oh hey beautiful!

Firstly, I pray you woke up with the sun shining in your heart, and the promise of another day pulling you out of bed. If not, it's ok. This tip I'm about to share should help you to be on your way to brighter days.

Quick story. I was pregnant with my son Levi, and as I sent the kids off to school, and gathered myself for a day of business, I felt this overwhelming feeling set in. Now, I was no stranger to anxiety, and had experienced it severely with my first child, which is also a telltale sing of being around the wrong energies, but we'll save that for another day. So, I thought to myself, "What would be the best way to start this day?"

Intuitively I walked into the bathroom, began to run the bath, light my candles, and do what I would typically do ay 9pm, but instead it was more like 9am. I took the most relaxing bath, breathed out my worries, reframed some thoughts, and was ready to start my day with ease.

Now, as you know I am a HUGE advocate for the multivitamin we call meditation, but this day was different. I needed something different to pair with my meditation, and this bath was it. From this day forward not only did I realize that we unknowingly keep ourselves in MANY boxes. For instance, not eating breakfast in the evening, feeling like certain things can only be done a certain way.

Within me this small action lead to my own awareness of two words "must," and "should." If I am putting those two words before anything, I am therefore creating a box that I am drawing around myself, and the world. Because truly, if you tell a co-worker, "I woke up and took the most magical bath." I'm sure their response would be "that's interesting." Because the box we put ourselves in is, "baths only happen at night."

We literally do this for everything! We do this when dating. Looking fo outward answers for our own knowing, and story. We create parameters that ultimately keep us from living a life full of inspiration and spontaneity. And, trust me! As a solid Capricorn, I am all about rules, ok?!

But, thank God for growth and awareness. (Praise hands!)

Secondly I learned that this theory of reverse engineering our lives is truly a magical process. It takes you out of the internal obligations, and you now step into the magic- the things you truly desire to do. How many times have you dulled your desires for your "should's," and "must-do's?" I'll wait... A lot probably. And, again.... its ok. That's why there are billions of us on this planet, so we can learn from one another. Life is meant to allow us to be teachers, and students along the journey... Which I find fascinating.

So, I ask you to ask yourself, what parameters are you creating for yourself. Are you doubting your potential to make more money? Are you showing up in relationships out of obligation? Are you downright ignoring your own desires to show up for others? Because they'll start to say things that make you feel guilty, and I assure you that choosing you will never be a wrong move.

As we move out of the state of people-pleasing, and ignoring the fire that lights our hearts, we begin to see that most of our actions are planted in roots of fear. I call you to be brave enough to remove that fear, and trust and know that yes! Taking a bath in the beginning of the day will begin to change the projector of how you step into the world, and most importantly honor, and I mean truly honor your deepest desires.

I'll see you on the other side of this radical love with bigger smiles, and wider hearts.

Until then, please don't leave this page without clicking the heart button below! Also, share share share! It's truly helpful, loving, and it means the world to me.

Lastly, if you'd like to gain some clarity around some of your box-forming habits, thinking, and are looking to begin honoring your desires at the highest level, book a clarity session with me! I'm honored to be a vessel that speaks to the souls of others, and that's what this blog is about, a lil Soul Chat! And, if you have not, go listen to the Podcast for for gems! I really love what I do, and I pray you feel that!

Message of the day: Think outside the box!

"It's the one's that are actually crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the one's that do."

Until next week,

Love YOU!

Ebony the Goddess (drops mic)

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