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Reasons why we get stuck

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Hello beautiful soul!

If you’re here, and alive… well, you’ve received the greatest gift of today. In many ways via my many channels of expression online, I’ve shared some of the ups and downs I’ve encountered. Today, I wanted to share this poem that I wrote out of my desire to express why I was feeling “stuck.” A lot of times we forget that everyone experiences moments of valleys, and 2022 has been pulling out all kind of shadows for me. I found myself at some points feeling stuck, lost, in new lands… literally and figuratively. If you too are feeling lost, these were my reflections on what I felt happened to me. My reflections of things that WE do that cause the momentum to slow down… slow enough to make us feel stuck. You see the illusion? We’re all becoming new, and I heard spirit say “Just keep moving Ebony, you’ll find the way.”

I hope you enjoy it, and thank you in advance for reading!

Reasons why we get stuck

I stopped moving.

I stopped one of the only things in life that is constant…. Progress.

I stopped my yoga.

I stopped the dancing.

Life became tight.

I became tight, again.

I allowed the outer circumstances to crush my spirit in a new way.

I allowed betrayal mixed with audacity to make me betray myself.

I disconnected from purpose.

Give unworthiness a seat.

I became an old version of me.

As I slowly wake up.

Remembering the memories that affirmed my greatness.

My essence.

My ability to allow creativity to flow through me…. Like a river of life.

Giving me life.

I am returning to life.

Remembering that no matter what knocks me down….


Crown of light.

Crown of purpose.

Crown of depth.

Crown of love.

Crown of wisdom & faith.

Crown of gentleness and ease.

Crown of flow.

As I flow.

To new levels.

New waters.

I’m learning to tread slow.

To watch it all unfold.

No need to run against the winds of time.

Rather let them cleanse your tears from words unsaid.

Refresh your spirit with their gentle breeze… they teach you to BE.

Feelings indescribable.

Let them breathe new life into you.

As you become another you.

I say R.I.P to who I’ve been.

I’ll never be her again.


From the inside now.

Ready to fly forever with these wings.

-Signed Butterfly 🦋

P.s. I believe in life that we become a butterfly multiple times. A guy I once heard said “At the top of every mountain, is the bottom of the next.” Which means growth is the only constant in life. Some lands will feel new, because that’s what change is. I’m learning so much in the new season, and I promise to keep sharing! Again, thank you for reading. It means the world to me!

Love & Gratitude,


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