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Cutting out the noise

As I sit here in a place that is not entirely my permanent home... (in the middle of finding the perfect home) meditating outside, doing my morning talks with God- the lawn mower goes on.

As I chuckled within, took a deep breath, and embraced this now loud noise circling my meditation, I decided that that's exactly how life is- a bunch of noise (doubts, fears, and anxieties) clouding up our ability to "stay in the know." What I mean by that is the KNOWING of WHO, and WHO's you are- a RICH, DIVINE, HOLY child of God.


But, how many times can we say that we allow our external circumstances to become the source of creating within us doubts in our ability to create a life we MOST want. Sometimes they even distract us from the ability to connect with the God/The Divine within and around us. We feel as though we've entered into this dark room where the only visible thing is our fears. Standing over us like scary monsters- debilitating our ability to move, or see clearly.

Ever felt this? I know I have. Fear about everything from standing in my calling to the fear of the future. Relatable no?

I remember as I child I used to hate scary movies. Mainly because my memory is visual, and I can totally see those demons in my mind after watching such films- so I'd avoid them at call costs. However, in my household... everyone else enjoyed them. (Inserts frightened emoji) My first encounter with paralyzing fear was after watching "The Exorcist," (UGHHHH) and trying to go to bed, but in my mind I could see her (if you know, you know).... I couldn't move. My body froze. I was panicking inside, but I remember that my body COULDN'T move. I remember this feeling so vividly, because similarly as we go through life... this is the exact feeling that happens when we grow through things in life that trigger our deepest fears, and true inner beliefs.

Most times it's life changes (who likes abrupt change or change in what's familiar?), even if they are positive ones. Last year I learned that "joy can be traumatic to trauma." What that meant for me was that my body aura has been filled with so much trauma, that real joy actually scared me. Like, go figure! Life begins to become easy, and effortless, and I FREAK OUT. Fear enters, and now I feel those dark thoughts telling me "I'm not worthy", "good things don't last", or worse..."Sabotage it..." (Inserts devil emoji) Again... the noise.

That's all doubt, fear, and anxiety really are. They appear as noise, and if we are not centered in our own grounding within, we will experience this noise as being real. The scary things take precedence, and we step out of the grace, truth, and knowing.

My personal favorite thing to remind myself is that "FEAR IS FAKE." Legit. No matter how much we try to rationalize our fears, they are simply opportunities to excavate the inner defining beliefs within. They are the voices that continuously speak over truth, because you have proof as to why they are true. When truth is... EVERYTHING is a belief. This computer I'm typing on was one someones belief. Imagine a time like 100 years ago someone describing WiFi to someone. They would immediately deem you're crazy, because the belief in its existence was not yet wildly accepted or believed in.

Similarly these are your beliefs. You either allow the persistence of expanding beliefs, or you allow the persisting limiting, scary beliefs to take precedence. Either way... know these two things... 1. Changing your mind to a new way of thinking WILL stir up some dust 2. You are more than capable of drowning out the noise with grace, truth, and light.

My favorite acronym is S.I.M.P.L.E ----> it means Small Intentions Multiply the Possibilities of Life Everyday. In short, take small, consistent steps daily to increase your ability to step into possibilities, rather than to do nothing and increase limitations. We must remember that WE get to choose. We get to choose to drown out the noise with consistent thoughts, words, and actions that give us the wings we need to fly through life.

It's our choice, and to me that's empowering.

Final Thoughts: Believe YOU CAN! Know that whatever season you are in, you are creating, and the noise is an opportunity for MORE growth! The flower also needs the rain.YOU are the flower. Dig your roots deeper in this season! Cut through the noise with light-seeking activities!

If you need a little push, dive into my book "120-day guide to purpose and wholeness," a guide on the simplicity of thinking in your divinity. Created to help you work through the scary things, and to commit to the future you. Grab it on Amazon!

Or, book your clarity session with me if you're in need to cutting through your own inner noise, and desire peace and clarity. Book here.

Lastly, thank you so much for reading my blog! You could've been anywhere, and you're here with me... and I appreciate that!

Please rate the blog below if you loved it, and share it with a friend! Sharing is not only caring, it's ABUNDANCE in action!

With love and gratitude,

Ebony the Goddess

(Real photo of me doing the daily SIMPLE work to cut through my own noise, Love you!)

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