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Getting Out of Your Feels and Into Your Heart Space

As I gear up for another amazing 7 days of clarity, I have been in a space of tapping into my heart chakra. The heart represents our ability to not only tap into love, but to do so with forgiveness and acceptance. Two of the most difficult things to do, because we are usually in a space of holding grudges, as well as judging others for their actions- making us incapable of loving them.

You know what I mean?

As I read through my current read of many "The Pursuit of Happiness- Integrating the Chakras for Complete Harmony," by David Pond. I came across the heart chakra chapter, and was reminded of a beautiful truth- most of the "bad guys" in your life will never agree that they are the bad guys!

How many times have you tried to get someone to see the harm that they are creating with their actions? I have found that no matter how loudly I scream, calmly I speak, or how calculated I craft the message... Someone who has not met themselves at that deep level of self-accountability, will NEVER hear me.

Ok, so let me circle back a bit with this quote from a healer sister @thehoodhealer , "Learning to love people who do not match your vibratory energy, without allowing them to disturb your own is a continuous commitment to relationship, because it's not always easy to love someone who doesn't see eye to eye."

WHEW! I swear I follow some of the best thought provokers!

Now back to my point of this blog. Life is easy to navigate when we are on the same level as others, and truthfully we SHOULD be very selective with who we do surround ourselves with, because energy IS contagious.

Back in the day I thought I was such a bright light, that my beautiful energy would change others- well wasn't I in for the lesson of a lifetime!

The truth is, it can't. No matter how amazing you are, if they are not there, they simply aren't. AND, that's OK!

Back to the heart. When others don't align with us or demonstrate actions that align with us, it can be very challenging to step out of those feels and into the heart. Normally we just feel we feel, and we stay there. Paralyzed by how we feel. Calling others to tell them how we feel. Feeling it over, and over again. Which is why I believe feelings of resentment, anger, and all those other lower vibrations begin to foster, and circulate within our hearts.

For me, it's a reminder of being aware of these feelings, truly seeing and understanding their root, because people simply "animate" the feelings we already have within. They trigger us into beliefs that we personally need to work on, which is why we are always told not to "kill the messenger."

Circling back to the book that I mentioned above by David Pond, he reminded me of a beautiful meditative process. The Process of feeling a feel, blessing it, and then letting it go. Yes, can you do burning ceremonies, or other rituals of release? YES! But, ya'll know I love simplicity, and I also know that my mind is one of the most powerful tools that I have, so Imma use it!

What you can do is simply sit in thought, think of the feels you feel, bless them, and let them go. Although this seems simple, and to some, ineffective. You can never doubt the power of intentional thought. And truly, simply keep doing it again and again. I've done this for many situations, and people that I find "hard to love," and surely enough, the things that trigger me about them become obsolete. I stop reacting, and I begin responding.

Allowing my heart to step in, accept the situation, and forgive them for doing things that I may have once found unforgivable. What a beautiful process, no? And, I always tell potential clients, if that doesn't work for you, keep doing what you're doing. (Inserts shrug)

I know for me, I don't try things once and dismiss them, especially when it comes to simple healing techniques. Try them. As you lose up a bit, breathe into your experiences and remember these little tips of wisdom, over time... it becomes easier.

I'm a firm believer in accountability, and if we are not seeing results, its simply because we are not doing the work. Which is only a truth that you know.

If you're ready to step into new levels of release, consider joining 7 days of clarity which begins on 6/3. It's a beautiful 7 day program created for reconnecting the mind, body, soul connection, and looking into the areas that may be blocked.

Give yourself the permission to let more light in. After all, you deserve it.

With love,

Ebony the Goddess

P.s. Thank you for reading! If you loved it, hit the heart below and share it! Keeping good things to yourself is a sign of lack, let's change that with a simple share!

Love you!

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