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Dealing with Overwhelm?

You ever feel just overwhelmed by life? Yeah, me too. Actually as of late it’s been exactly that.

However, I believe God gives us anchors to remember in times of being “stretched,” because that’s exatly what overwhelm feels like. I believe these anchors are moments in our life when we got through something we’d never thought we’d get through.

They are the memories that circle back to remind you- you CAN do hard things.

If there’s one thing God has solidified in my life, it’s perspective. The glass can be viewed as half-full or half-empty, and that point of view is YOURS to choose.

The amazing David Meltzer recently posted on LinkedIn, “If you’re overwhelmed, that’s a sign of abundance. It’s a sign that you have so much going for you, you just don’t know how to prioritize it.”

Whew. Talk about perspective. Like I stated earlier overwhelm is the stretching. It’s the parts of life that pulls us into new levels of gratitude, appreciation, and strength. (If we let them)

Why wouldn’t we want that kind of growth?

We know for sure that the only things that don’t grow 🌱 are dead things.

So, although growth can feel like it’s breaking you down, it’s REALLY breaking you open. Open for new opportunities, new ways of thinking, new ways of being.

So, in times of great distress open your arms in the knowing that YES! You ARE equipped for what’s coming your way, and truly beyond that I believe mostly these moments are to bring us closer to God.

For my 7 days of Clarity Alumni, we learned that as we elevate into the Chakra of faith/surrender- the throat chakra. The chakra where we move from thinking everything has control over us, to thinking we have control, to finally knowing that it‘s God’s will merged with our own that provides that best results.

Asking God… what is your will for me? Allowing yourself to pull down the things you need from the heavens 😇 to fully embrace that it’s the power of heaven that is the TRUE strength. (Especially on this floating ball called earth 🌍)

Life is simply too short to walk through it trying to figure it all out alone. It’s too short to not see how much assistance surrounds us if we simply surrender, and trust that we are loved, supported, safe, AND being guided by the most-high.

Guided to your highest version via the push and pull of life we call overwhelm. So, if you, like me… are feeling a bit stretched.… Stretch up your arms in gratitude for this moment of exponential growth + abundance.

I love you dearly.

Ebony the Goddess

p.s. for tips on how to journal through life’s toughest moments, grab my journaling guide here! Oh! And I’m enrolling for 7 days of clarity beginning 5/25! Be on the lookout For your invite!

Check out this inspirational Reel I created about accepting the “weeds” in your life. Please like, comment, and share of it resonates with you.

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