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Updated: Apr 25, 2020

The greatest directive given by God himself... "KNOW THYSELF." We'll share with you why this is so important to become your BEST version.

Welcome to our Blog! We're so excited to have created another way to connect with you, and to get out our wealth of knowledge that could potentially change your life FOREVER. Today, we'll be sharing why it's so essential to know yourself so you CAN unblock your blessings and WIN!


Life is truly simple... we make it complicated. So many times the truth is it can be hard to say, "who am I," without defaulting to your titles. But, no really.. Who are you?

When you think of this question get real basic. If you can't determine who you are, (which is normal BTW) then you simply begin with taking away what you are NOT. Easy enough?

So many of us really step into auto-pilot for YEARS, without really thinking "Who am I?" This is especially necessary so when icky situations show up in your life, you're able to sit back and take accountability for bringing it into your life. Which can be the toughest part.

As you know we are advocates of "God is Good all The Time." So with that being said, in the bad times we've gotta be more vigilant as to how we have tuned our stations, and are we in line with what we want or are we attracting on auto-pilot?

Here's the thing... if you don't really know you (in and out, trauma and all) how can you begin to attract what you want, or even BE what you want? We get so stuck in the actual human experiences that we forget we even have a choice.

Begin here. By asking yourself this extremely important question. It's like a rediscovery of self, and many times in our life we should be re-evaluating who we are and who we desire to be by making necessary reflections and adjustments.

In the podcast episode we shared with you all 4 very important questions we ask EVERY SINGLE CLIENT as a form of higher self-reflection, and we're now sharing it with YOU!

In this episode you'll hear some powerful questions that will help you to heal and thrive all on your own. Truth is when we look around our life, and we do not like it, who else better to change the view than ourselves?

We believe in YOU! Leave a comment below if this resonated with you, and if you love it.. SHARE IT!

With Love & Gratitude

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