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You are enough.

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Hello beautiful soul!

Now, I’m not here to gas you up, (a term used to inflate a persons ego) I’m here to REMIND you of how important you really are.

Now, I could share facts- kinda like the chance of you being born is 1 in 4 trillion. YUP. Almost close to impossible wouldn’t you say? You actually have a better chance at winning the lottery.

So with this small fact, I want you to FEEL important, special, rate, and unique because you really are!

So often I see so many (myself included at times) forget who we are. We feel lost, stuck, and at a stand still of knowing who we are.

So what do I do?!

I take a look at my receipts. 🧾 I look at 1. How far I’ve come 2. All the things I‘ve overcome to get where I am.

It’s so easy to forget, especially since we live in a society that rewards us for being busy, as well as society that shares the highlights of “winning,” rather than the wins of loving yourself more today than you did yesterday. That’s a HUGE win!

I‘ve done videos that share how we are directly impacted financially by how much we believe in ourselves. I’ve personally seen the difference for myself.

Today... I want you to stand a little taller. Dream a little bigger, and REALLY understand the magnitude of YOU being you- and that being enough.

Most good things don’t happen overnight, and beyond belief... you’re going to need to ACT on that greatness.

Whether that’s honoring yourself with a good foot rub, painting your nails, hugging yourself, writing your dreams down, or ALL the things you’re really good at. REMIND yourself regularly that you ARE worthy. You ARE enough. PERIODT.

I’ve learned that in those moments of being stuck I need a reminder, as well as some action to step into that truth. Because faith without works is dead right?! RIGHT!

So, today.... as a mindset tip- ask yourself... if I had no limitations what would I be? What would I do?

Even if you don’t do the thing today... I’m sure you could take small steps towards that thing. Because it’s through the small things, that lead up to the BIG thing- ALWAYS!

Don’t let social media, or Hollywood convince you that it has to happen overnight... because most things that come fast, typically are not worth it... nor do we value it.

Remember who you are. (Mufasa voice)

If you need a little help in remembering who you are and healing and stepping into a better you grab the 3 must know journaling techniques to heal and thrive... because you DESERVE it!

I love you. I honor you. I see you.

Be great as a way of life, and watch your life change!

With Love, gratitude, and blessings! Eb

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