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Dive into our privately tested feet glow formula created to give you a mindful reminder to honor your 👣 feet! The feet are the most used body part, but equally the most neglected. Our oil creates an opportunity to commune, and thank you feet by giving yourself a self-love massage. Or ask your partner to indulge! The feet have over 7,000 nerve endings, and from a healing perspective hold so much much-needed energy that needs to be released. Grab our oil & indulge your mind, body, and spirit by honoring your feet. Scented with Vanilla. Jasmine, and Lavender. 2oz.

Ease, Calm, and Flow Feet Glow

  • Store in a cool and dry place for longevity.

  • We do not offer returns on this product, unless there is a shipping issue caused by the handling of the carrier. Email us directly at about any shipping issues.

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