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7 Days of Clarity

Learn the energy of mastering the 7 levels of energy consciousness.

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Awaken, and align your energetic body to catch up with your dreams! So often we end up in undesirable positions feeling stuck, insecure, afraid, and allowing old memories, experiences, and beliefs to rule our today. Can you imagine having your little girl self dictate to you? Probably not. However, every time you "shrink," and play smaller than you really are (A DAMN QUEEN!) you are essentially allowing her to run the show. She's afraid and unsure because of life's experiences, but you are now a grown woman, and it's time to allow the Queen in you to rise. While also loving on those old energies, and stories. Each day at 9:30 PM EST, we will dive into a different chakra to help you see exactly how to release, replace, and heal those areas in which energy stopped flowing freely. We'll explore the different ways each chakra operates at optimal speed, and I will personally lead you through experiences that show you how powerful you REALLY are. Part of this program, is stepping into the REAL work. The truths, pains, and realities you've avoided, because they really still do hurt you. Now is the time to let them go, and to be QUEEN, here and NOW. Can you imagine... being a little more clear, healed, confident, bold, and believing in your own potential? Can you imagine stepping beyond your fears, and living up to the VISION in your mind? It takes guts to be bold, but if you're here on this page then you're already there! Secure your seat today and get ready to release and let go, so you can let the good that you are seeking, and is seeking you- in. You deserve it, after all. You deserve to it all. You deserve joy, You deserve Peace. Course Valued at over $3493, however clarity and growth is ALWAYS priceless. You "Yes" into this course will initiate you into ease, calm, and flow as we reconnect you with your most divine inner knowing.

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To respect the time of the consultant, all sales are final for bookings. If you cannot make a meeting, we will strive to accommodate you to the best of our ability. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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