This piece was created to help you feel powerful, in charge, protected, and rooted in who you are. Mixed with Hematite and Black Obsidian, this necklace will bring you strength. 


Properties of Black Obsidian: Also known as the “Stone of Truth”, black obsidian is associated with protection (known as protection stone), honesty, integrity, and grounding. It is connected with the root chakra, unblocking the floodgates of energy that prevent you from feeling a deep sense of connection with your environment. Obsidian, or as it is sometimes called, volcanic glass, is a naturally occurring rock that comes from volcanoes. When lava cools very, very quickly it can turn into obsidian.


Black Hematite:The physical healing power of hematite. Among all the positive effects hematite has as a healing stone on the human body, it is best known for its ability to purify the blood, stimulate blood circulation and form red blood cells.

Wakanda Forever Black Obsidian x Hematite Choker

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  • We recommend to remove while bathing, swimming, and exercising for the longevity of your product.